Please follow the steps below to make an online passport application.
  • Step 1. Navigate to the passport portal
  • Step 2. Click the Start New Application link to start a new application.
  • Step 3. Accept the terms and conditions displayed in the Disclaimer.
  • Step 4. Answer simple security questions.
  • Step 5: Complete the passport application form.
  • Step 6: Print Passport Application Payment Advice Form.
  • Step 7: Make payments for the selected type of passport using the selected payment method.
  • Step 8: Schedule an appointment for a date of your convenience using the Schedule Appointment link on the home page.
  • Step 9: Print the Passport Application Appointment Form.
  • Step 10: Report to the selected passport Centre with the passport appointment form with the appropriate application requirements displayed on the website for enrolment

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Introducing the E-Passport Online Application portal for Ugandans:

The Ministry of Internal Affairs(MIA)/Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control(DCIC) has now fully operationalized the e-Passport with the online application system for e-passports now in place.

To use the new portal, applicants from anywhere in the world visit:

There is no express service for individuals submitting their applications from outside of Uganda.

Please note, applicants will be contacted when their passport is ready for collection.


1. Visit

2. Make payment via the online application form links which you'll see at the last stage of the application with payments made via the URA payment portal using your UK Debit/Credit card ensuring your print out your receipts:

The fee for an ordinary passport is UGX 250, 000/= plus UGX 10,000/= for Denmark courier fees.

Lost passports additionally incur a UGX 100,000/= fine.

Alternatively, if you are struggling to make payment online, you may wish to ask someone to pay for your application on your behalf. This can be done at most banks in Uganda which accept the PRN codes your application will generate. 

3. Make an appointment to submit your application by visiting  and selecting 'schedule appointment'.

4. Attend your appointment ensuring you have all requirements as per the below checklist.

4. Applicants are required to visit the Mission in person, on the appointment, with the following (checklist):

a) Form titled 'passport application appointment form' (2 pages). 

b) A letter from your recommender (a Ugandan national) confirming you are known to them 

c) A copy of your recommender's Ugandan National ID 

d) Print out proof of payments for the fee for the ordinary passport and the courier fees (as well as the lost passport fee if this applies

e) Your current passport 

f) A copy of your Ugandan National ID if you have one.  

Additional requirements for a lost passport: 

  • Sworn Affidavit

  • Police letter 

  • 100,000 Shs payment for fine

  • Copy of lost Ugandan passport or Ugandan National ID.

Additional requirements for the renewal of a minor (under 18 ) passport:

  • Original Birth Certificate  

  • Parents Ugandan Passports

  • A copy of the parent's Ugandan passports (bio data page and page 45)

  • Letter of consent from the parents

All applicants are required to visit the Mission with their documents already printed out and in order. 

It is your responsibility to have a valid passport for travel. 

If you make travel arrangements without a valid passport you do so at your own risk.

Passport Renewal FAQs

When can I submit my passport application?

Monday to Friday between 09.30 am - 1.00 pm, ensuring you have booked an appointment on the day on the online appointment system,

When can i collect my passport once I have been informed it is ready for collection?

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10.00 am - 1.00 pm

Am i really required to appear in person to submit my passport application?

Yes. See 2.2.6 here 


Do I need to bring my own passport photos to the appointment?

No. Your photo is taken during your appointment. 


Am i required to have a National ID to apply for the e-passport?


Who can be a recommender?

A person with a Ugandan National ID who can attest to your identity.


How will I know when my passport is ready for collection?

We either call you or send an e-mail (please make sure you check your junk mail!) There is no need to call our offices.


I am having trouble making payment online, can you advise?

Applicants are advised to either try another browser, attempt payment the following day or restart the application. Furthermore, if you are having trouble making payment online, someone can make payment on your behalf at most banks in Uganda using the PRN numbers generated by your passport application (Bank of Africa, Bank of Baroda, Bank of Uganda, Barclays Bank, Commercial Bank of Africa Uganda Limited, Cairo International Bank, Centenary Bank, Citibank, DFCU Bank, Diamond Trust Bank, Eco Bank, Equity Bank Uganda Limited, Exim Bank Uganda Limited, Finance Trust Bank Limited, Gtbank, Housing Finance Bank, KCB Bank Uganda, NC Bank Uganda Limited, Orient Bank, Post Bank Uganda Limited, Pride Microfinance Uganda Ltd, STANBIC, Standard Chartered, Tropical Bank Ltd and United Bank for Africa)  - they will then provide you with proof of payment. Payment cannot be made at Uganda High Commission. You must ensure you pay both the passport fee AND courier fee (and the lost passport fee where necessary).


Alternatively, payment online can be made through:



Selecting: 'eservices'.


Look to the left and see the headings 'payments' and click 'Pay Visa/Mastercard PRN'.


You then have to enter a Payment Registration Number - one at a time.


Your Payment Registration Numbers can be found under 'payment details on your passport application. 


When you enter a payment registration number, press 'search',  then under 'select bank in which you want to make the payment', select Stanbic and under 'make payment', select 'continue'.


You should then be able to go to a new window where it says 'PRN Validation Successful'. 


Select, 'make payment' and enter your Debit/Credit cards. 



Print off proof of payment and repeat until all PRN codes are done.


Payment is made in Uganda shillings, is this correct?

Yes, all payments made online are in Uganda shillings and are paid to a Ugandan bank - e.g - Stanbic. You can pay using your UK Debit/Credit card in the same way you would pay for any other online item. 


Can you print my forms?

No, please visit the EMBASSY with all your printed forms in order. There are no printing facilities here. 

I'd like to bring my appointment date forward, can I do this?

No; the online appointment booking system would have offered you the next available appointment dates. This is something our office cannot change. 

My passport is not ready yet and it's been two weeks.

E-Passport renewals are currently processed from Uganda and therefore take longer than the prior turnaround time of two weeks. Applicants are advised to submit passport renewals well in advance of when they need their passport. Applicants are e-mailed when their passport is ready for collection. 

Do I still need to make an appointment with you to submit my passport renewal documents?

Yes, appointments must be booked on under, 'schedule appointment' and applicants will be required to visit the Mission between 9.30 am-1.00 pm on the day. No appointment, no submission. 

What happens if I can't make my appointment date / How do I reschedule my appointment?

Appointments can only be rescheduled once the date/time of the present appointment lapses.

The system is not allowing me to make an appointment.

Usually, if the system is not allowing people to make an appointment it's because payment of the passport or courier fee has not been made.

Why do I need to pay the 10, 000 Uganda Shilling courier fee?

The payment for courier fees is mandatory. Passports are printed in Kampala. This payment covers the cost of your application to be couriered to Kampala for processing and the return of your passport from the Kampala Passport Office to COPENHAGEN  It does NOT cover postage costs between the EMBASSY and your home address.


1. Fully completed FORM G

2. Two (2) identical passport-size photographs (taken within the past 6 months, coloured, strictly on a plain white background, full front face view and a neutral facial expression with both eyes open and both ears visible).

3. Present expired passport/copy of expired passport/Ugandan National ID

4. If the passport is lost, a Sworn Affidavit notarized by a solicitor, dated within six months.

5.  Payment:

Payments for the Certificate of Identity can be made through:

  • Visiting:
  • Selecting: eServices 
  • Selecting: Payment Registration
  • Selecting: Other NTR
  • Entering: Applicant details under 'taxpayer details' - fields marked red are mandatory
  • Selecting: The 'Ministry/Department/Agency' -  'Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (National Citizenship and Immigration Control)'.
  • Selecting: a) Certificate of Identity: Under 'tax head name' select 'Certificate of Identity
  • Selecting: 'online payment options' under 'payment methods
  • Entering: Text from the given image
  • Selecting: 'Accepting and Register'
  • Selecting: 'ok' at the pop-up window from ura.
  • Selecting: The bank with which you wish to make payment under 'online payment summary'
  • Noting: Your PRN under 'online payment summary'
  • Applicants must print off and attach proof of payment to their passport application. PAYMENT CAN NOT BE MADE AT EMBASSY.

Cost: 40,000Ush

6. Cover letter requesting for Certificate of Identity, addressed to 'UGANDA EMBASSY COPENHAGEN'

7. Attach a copy of your air ticket with a departure date within seven days.

Download here