The Flag and the meaning


The shield and spears represent the willingness of the Ugandan people to defend their country, There are threeimages on the shield: those on top represent the waves of Lake Victoria; thesun in the centre represents the many days of brilliant sunshine Uganda enjoys;and the traditional drum at the bottom is symbolic of dancing, and summoningpeople to meetings and ceremony.

The shield is flanked on the right by aCrested Crane (Balearica regulorum gibbericeps), a subspecies of theGrey-crowned Crane and the national bird of Uganda. On the left is the UgandanKob (Kobus kob thomasi), a species of Kob that here represents abundantwildlife.

The shield stands on a green mound,representing fertile land, and directly above a representation of the RiverNile. Two main cash crops, coffee and cotton, flank the river. At the bottom isthe national motto: "For God and My Country".


The Flag of Uganda was adopted on 9 October1962, the date that Uganda became independent from the United Kingdom. Itconsists of six equal horizontal bands of black (top), yellow, red, black,yellow, and red; a white disc is superimposed at the centre and depicts thenational symbol, a Grey Crowned Crane, facing the hoist side. The three coloursare representative of African peoples (black), Africa's sunshine (yellow), andAfrican brotherhood (red being the colour of blood, through which all Africansare connected). The Grey Crowned Crane is fabled for its gentle nature depictedin the people of Uganda.


Oh Uganda! May God uphold thee,

We lay our future in thy hand.

United, free,

For liberty

Together we'll always stand.

Oh Uganda! The land of beauty.

Our love and labour we give,

And with neighbours all

At our country's call

In peace and friendship we'll live.

Oh Uganda! The land that feeds us

By sun and fertile soil grown.

For our own dear land,

We'll always stand,

The Pearl of Africa's Crown.