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Ambassador Zake Kibedi, was invited by the Minister of Economic affairs and Justice and employment for a working visit.

Monday, 10th April 2017
Ambassador Zake Kibedi,With the chief of protocol of Finland,Amb Matti Heimmonen
Before the reception he had meeting with the chief of protocol, and the director unit for Horn of Africa and Eastern Africa. The meeting with the chief of protocol was a follow up on the approval of our honorary consul to Finland. The chief of protocol acknowledged receipt of the Exequatur from government of Uganda and committed to handle the process.

The director for the Horn of Africa and Eastern Africa informed that FINPRO (which facilitates SMEs for international operations) and takes (Finland will gather all services related to the promotion of innovation, exports, investments and tourism under one umbrella.

About 600 experts will be transferred to the new organization of Business Finland.

The director further informed this new development willenhance the role of ministry of foreign affairs in promotion of Finnishbusiness interests abroad. The heads of missions will assume widerresponsibility including exports promotion and internationalization of Finnishcompanies.