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Hosting of the ED Uganda Industrial Research Institute for a bench-marking programme on Danish modern technologies that can be easily domesticated to Uganda.

Friday, 17th March 2017
Hosting of the ED Uganda Industrial Research Institute
The ED pointed out that Uganda, like most countries in sub-Sahara Africa continues to subscribe to several development paradoxes such as plentiful natural resources versus famine and pestilence.  

College to establish a comprehensive facility that adds value to cotton and that demonstrates the manufacture of textiles using locally grown cotton. 

Most importantly, the envisaged model will be used to impart skills that are needed in the manufacture of textiles and anticipated skills capacity building to address the gaps in this industry such as apparel and textile design machines operations and manufacturing.

VIA college responded that it can offer to this partnership comprehensive training for targeted skills required to revitalize Uganda's textile manufacturing sector. 

This training will be preceded by a protracted preparation of curricula that is designed to be uniquely tailored to Uganda's needs for the sector.

 The college will also advise UIRI as to what technologies both for extended training and small/ medium scale production would be appropriate.

We also visited jack and Jones a Danish fashion and design company that is importing Uganda garments produced by Fine spinners in Bugolobi.

Jack & Jones is importing 25000 garments from fine spinners per month. 

They have a capacity of importing 500,000 garments per month from Uganda if gaps in the textile industry are addressed to ensure consistency in quality and quantity.